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Fidelis Dana


Breeder: Eeva Niemi, Finland
Owner: Kennel Lapinlumon
Sex: female
Born: 28.11.1996  Dead: 24.07.2009
Hips: B
Eyetested free
prcd-PRA: FREE

Dana, one of our first bitches, was a dog with a big voice – sometimes a bit too big we thougth. She told about everything that happened around us, important things as well as the not so important things. Most of all she loved to play with a ball – she is the only dog we owned who could actually drible a ball with her nose! When she was young we waited for her to grow up and mature and settle down. Now we know that never happened, she was always  like a playful puppy.

The 24th of July 2009 was the day for a last goodbye for a big personality. My Dana is no more and she is greatly missed. No red dog barking anymore, greeting us and pushing our legs with her nose. Dana lived a long and good life and ment so much to us. One of my first dogs who have been with me all the way from the very beginning; born in Finland she moved to Denmark to a very excited young girl. We grew together and moved back to Finland where Dana loved the forest and the snow.After some years there she went back with me to Denmark where she enjoyed her retired life as grandma for the entire pack. With Dana one of the last of my old dogs died, one who had known some who ment so much to me. Dana greet them from me, Uuriel, Sirpa, Essi, Tuppu, Jade and the others. We thank you so much for the time you gave us.

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