A puppy from us

To buy a puppy is a matter of trust. It is an important decision which will affect your daily life many years ahead. The first 8 weeks of the dogs upbringing are essential as this is when the first and important socialization is done. Therefore it more than pays off to examine thoroughly where to buy your dog. Buying a dog from us includes several things.

We don´t breed “just” to make puppies or because we think puppies are cute and it´s cosy to have a litter. Of course we think puppies are cute as well, but our drive for breeding is a genuine interest in the breeds we are working with  and a wish to help making them stronger and maintaining them. We like to follow the puppies in their further development, to see photos of them every now and then, hear how they are doing etc. This desire we have both for personal and proffesional reasons. Personally as we can´t help not to bond with the puppies in the eight weeks they spend with us and it is therefore a great pleasure for us to later hear from the puppies and make sure they are doing well. Profesionally as we would like to hear how they are developing both in good and in bad ways so we can use this data later on in our breeding. It is therefore important to us that the people who wish to buy a puppy here are interested in keeping some kind of contact with us in the future. We have a closed facebookgroup only for puppybuyers where it is possible to share photos and ask questions and besides from that we are really happy if the people who buy a dog from us just once in a while feel like sending us a photo and write a few lines about how they are doing.


We have more than 20 years of experience with dogs in general. We know the breeds we are breeding very well, have experienced them in all ages, types and both sexes. We have trained obedience, tracking, agility, been going to dogshows, bred and raised many litters, are educated in grooming, have been selling dogfood for many years and know a lot about this subject, have tried a lot of different situations with vets etc etc. All these things benefit our puppy buyers. There is a big chance that we can guide you and help you if you later get questions in relation to a dog bought from us and we are of course always at your disposition if it is needed. You can always draw on our knowledge and experiences; if we don´t know the answer ourselves there is a good chance that we can guide you in where then to ask.

There is of course a big difference between buying a puppy from a small or quite new breeder or from a big experienced one. The huge strength as described above is our experience. We have a much bigger knowledge built over many years which can help our puppybuyers compared to breeders who only bred few litters or just started in the dogworld. We know a lot both when it comes to breeding related questions and common “dog knowledge”. This gives a big sense of security to our puppybuyers. The fact that we have a lot of puppybuyers however also does that we can not guaranty that our time is free for many weekly conversations. Some wish to almost become a new relative of the family and have daily contact with their breeder when buying a puppy. We actually feel that a lot of our puppybuyers have become family. Team Lapinlumon is one big mixed lovely group of people who all own a place in our mind and life if they wish to do so. But given the amount of puppy buyers we have we are not always able to answer the phone every minute it rings. If something suddenly happens like an accident or you need a fast advice or help you can always text us and say urgent help is needed and we will get back to you. And we always want to reply you and keep in contact. But some days can be so busy at our home that many people would not be able to imagine. Kids, dogs whelping, people coming by etc etc can create days were we are simply not able to pick up the phone. There can also be periods where it might take some days until we have the time to sit down and reply emails and in other periods we may reply straight away. This is simply something that has to be accepted.
Our daily time always goes to our kids and our dogs first. We have a lot of daily work even on Christmas Eve, birthdays and when everybody else has a holiday…. Besides that we have a lot of people coming to our home. Puppybuyers, breeders to mate their bitches, others breeders to see the dogs, the vet etc etc. It is cosy and we chose this lifestyle ourselves. But it also means that many weeks we have very few days where we don´t have up to several appointments and it is a daily puzzle to fit everything in. We therefore ask for the understanding of our puppybuyers and potential puppybuyers regarding this. We love to hear from you and to see photos and we are always happy to share advice and help, but sometimes it may take some days until we have the time to get back to you.

If you want to buy a dog from us we would like to know from you which plans you have with your new dog. We would like to be as sure as it is possible to be that the dog you are buying is the right one for you – for the dog´s as well as for your sake. Therefore we  ask, if you haven´t told by yourself, why you chose this breed, question you to hear if you did some research and know what the breed is like and if this type of dog is suitable for you. We would also like to know how many hours a day the dog will have to be alone, which plans you have for activation of the dog and if you have children and if yes, how old they are. All these questions we don´t ask to cross the line of privacy, but in order to secure both that we can feel safe in selling you a puppy and also very much in order to feel sure that you will be happy with this kind of dog. Everybody should fit together in order to make things well! These informations will also help us later in selecting which puppy should hopefully suit you best. Again our long experience helps us in this matter. Even if we are working with dog as a breeder one also has to be able to read people. Some are very talkative others very quiet, some show a lot of emotions and others are shy. During the years one learn better and better to read the people just as the dogs and see which puppy and breed will suit these people the best.

If everything goes well and we agree that we would like to sell you a puppy and you would like to buy one from us we are very happy if it is possible to meet face to face before any of us decide anything for good. However this can be very difficult if the puppybuyers are living abroad and we understand that and always just have to take that situation from there. If all goes well and you so wish we will put you on a list as interested in a puppy. We can not promise you any specific puppy or guaranty that a certain bitch will time her season just so it fits your plans. Generally one half of the kennel is born quite supersticious and does not like to take things in advance. To put a lot of people on a list for a litter just because a bitch has been mated or to promise people a puppy for sure the dame day the puppies have been born is therefore not something we do. Our experience shows that the bitch may be empty or just have a single puppy, the puppy we had promised to a family may die 3 days after the birth etc. If you decide it is from us you would like to buy your next dog we can guaranty you that we will find a nice puppy for you within a reasonable time. But we do not reply questions as if we think this bitch is pregnant or not and we don´t promise long before puppies are born that you can get a puppy from a certain dog. We give our bitches peace during their pregnancy and await and see if there comes any puppies and if so how many. It is not something we stress about or share with the world. When puppies are born and the puppies and their mum have had a peaceful first week or two and we see everything is as it should be with the puppies then we start to contact the people we think could get a puppy from this litter.

When we have agreed there is a puppy for you in a litter you are welcome to visit the puppies if you live within a distance making it possible for you.


We never accept visitors the first 3 weeks of the puppies lives. Puppies and the bitch needs to be left alone in this periode and we don´t want any new bacteria or stress in the house. Even our own kids are not allowed to lift the puppies the first weeks. We ourselves don´t lift them either, we clean in the whelping box and make sure all puppies are eating and thriving and that´s it. For the same reason we don´t provide photos of newborn puppies either. All scientific results show it is dangerous to newborn puppies to be handled too much. We may take a single shot from a distance of mummy dog lying with her puppies, but we never make individual photos holding up each puppy and this is for the puppy´s sake! In general we don´t start making photos of the puppies before they are around 4 weeks.

We never let any puppybuyers chose their own puppy either for the simple reason that we are the ones who live with the puppies for eight weeks and see them every day twenty four hours a day and it is therefore us who knows them best. We have a big experience in looking at the puppies and see which puppy suits which family best. An elderly couple does not need the most active and dominating puppy in the litter and an active family with four children does not need the most calm one. If somebody wants to show and breed they of course need the puppy who looks most fitted for this even if one can never guaranty how they develop etc. So when buying a puppy from us nobody receives a photo when the puppies are 2 weeks old and are told they can chose which one they want based on colours and markings. We normally talk with the buyers and come to terms together with what we think is important. All the information we got prior to the purchase of a puppy helps us decide which kind of puppy is suitable for you and we try to make everybody happy. It always worked out so far. It must here be underlined that it is not possible to see anything for sure in the puppies neither in temperament or looks before the puppies are minimum 6 weeks old and we therefore never decide anything about which puppy is going to where before at this age. So you can not expect to know when the puppies are two weeks old which puppy will be yours and we do not accept demands about special colours. In our opinion this is a major benefit for the puppy buyers as they could otherwise end up with a puppy who is not fitting for them at all. It is perfectly possibly to enjoy to watch a litter grow knowing that one of these special puppies will later get to join your family without knowing from the first week exactly which one of them it will be.

Our puppies are always born and raised inside the house and are used to many different things. They are normally born in our hall upstairs next to our bedroom. Here we can always keep an eye on them and see if things are okay, but they are away from guest and people coming into the house. As soon as they start to move around they come down into our kitchen or our downstairs hall. Here they hear the everyday sounds of a normal household, meet our children, our cat and the other dogs as well as see all the people who come to visit in the house. From the age of about 5 weeks depending on the weather and time of year they start to join us outside and meet all the older dogs and experience the outdoor world. First they come out for short visits, slowly they stay outside longer and longer.

A puppy from us is always sold with a Swedish Kennel Club pedigree ( FCI ) and a buyers sellers contract. The puppy has a health certificate from the vet which is never older than 7 days. It has been de-wormed 3 times and it has been microchipped and is insured against hidden faults. With the puppy comes some food of which it is used to eat. We even sell the same food so it is possible from us to order additional food to buy when fetching the puppy.

When you come to fetch your puppy we would like you to plan to have some hours for this. If we have only had contact via email up until then because you come from far away we would like to be able to get to know you a bit and for you to get to know us and feel safe with us. Besides from that there is quite some paperwork to go through, but we also always want to talk about important issues with you such as food, insurances, grooming, training etc. We appreciate if you wait with buying a lot of products until you spoke to us so you know what we recommend.