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(English) Finnish Lapphund

The lapinkoira has been the herder of the Saami people for hundreds of years. It is a compact and strong middlesize dog whos impressive coat in all possible colours make many people notice the breed. In looks, the breed is strong compared to it´s size. It must be a sturdy dog to look at and the heavy coat makes the dog look even stronger than it is. The head is broad and short and should have a smiling and soft expression.

ammi8The original working area for the lapinkoira has been in a harsh climate and with snow a big part of the year and it is therefore important that the breed is strongly and soundly built and that it has it’s harsh coat also in the legs. Without this it would not be able to work in it’s original climate.

In temperament the lapinkoira is very friendly. It loves people, children as well as adults and it is a dog who loves everybody in the family, it does not bond only with one person. The lapinkoira is normally also fond of other animals. Our dogs live with our cat without problems and we know several who live with rabbits, sheep, horses etc.

The lapinkoira is curious and learns things very easily. Many have trained and done well in obedience, agility, tracking etc. It must be remembered though that the lapinkoira is an independent dog who has a strong own will. It will never be a completely obedient dog and it will always like to think that in the end it is the one in charge. There is also a big variety within the breed concerning who enjoys the mentioned activities and who don´t. When the breed was preserved from extermination in the 1960ties lapinkoiras from different places of Lappland were mixed together. The dogs looks and temperament varied a lot from region to region and maybe the breed could have been split into several breeds, but as they were all mixed the lapinkoira today has many different colours and types. And there are also many different kinds of temperament. It is therefore difficult in advance to guaranty that a lapinkoira will be able to do well in obedience, agility or other sports.

caamos21 copyIf you know before you buy your puppy that you would like to compete on a very high level I do not recommend a lapinkoira. But if you just think it could be fun to try in case the dog likes it there is a good chance it will go well with the training. I myself trained nearly all our first lapinkoiras in aslak3 copyobedience and there has been a big difference from dog to dog how they took it. Common for them all was a reluctance towards retrieving which made it hard ever to go to the top in the trials. Except for that some of the dogs were really clever and enjoyed the training while others found it extremely boring and were allowed to stop the training quite fastly. I also tried agility with several of my lapinkoiras and here too there was a difference from dog to dog. Common for them all was that they were not among the fast ones, but some of them found it funny while others thought it was boring. Besides the lapinkoiras independent character one must be aware that not all males love other males and not all bitches love other bitches. It is in no way an agressive breed and it should never be, but it is not a breed either who without conditions accept all strange dogs they meet. This does by all means not mean that it should be a stressed or barking dog who is difficult to handle in an everyday life. Quite the contrary. But in a homeenvironment or when placed in a pack they don´t always like and accept all other dogs.


The lapinkoira as a historical breed goes hundreds of years back. They were working for the Saami people who were nomades helping them to collect the reindeer. The reindeer was the Saami people´s income and the dogs were therefore extremely important for them. Old legends say that the Saami fed the dog before he ate himself. The Saami people had two types of dogs, one with a more short coat with a longer body. This one was used as the real herder, it was a runner who could run long distances several days in a row. This is the type we know today as the lapinporokoira. Besides this they had a shorter and more square type of dog with a longer coat and the tail on the back. This type of dog was not made for running as long distances as the other, it lived at home with the women and children where it worked as a guarding dog, companion to the people and a herder for the reindeer who was left at home. This is the type we know today as the lapinkoira. As the Saami people started using scooters instead of dogs both breeds were in great danger of exstinction. But a few enthusiastic people saw the importance in preserving these fantastic dogs and in the last minute a rescue work was stared and dogs were taken from Lappland and registred. This wasn´t done before in the 1960ies so even if the history of the lapinkoira goes back much further it was only an official breed for quite a short time. Today the lapinporokoira is still to some degree used in Lappland for the work with the reindeer, but you nearly do not find any lapinkoiras used for their original job anymore.

Our work for the breed

We got our first lapphund in 1991 and has since then been involved in the breed. We bought our kennelname in 1997 and registred our first litter in 1998. We imported our first dog from Finland in 1994 and during the years we imported a huge amount of dogs from Finland to Denmark. *

For us breeding is a matter of preserving the fantastic breed we think the lapphund is. We wish in a humble way to do our best to continue the work the Saami people started and to try to keep the lapinkoira the way they made it. In our try to do this we have done several things to make our breeding better and for the breeding in Denmark we have done a big job to improve the breed here in the country and to bring new blood here. As written we imported a lot of dogs from Finland and these dogs nearly all of them put a mark on the Danish lapinkoiras both as winning showdogs and when used for breeding and they helped bringing a lot of new blood to the breed in Denmark. We have done our outmost to import dogs of different lines from the best breeders in Finland and we try in our breeding to include as many different lines as possible as we believe this is the best for the breed. This is also the reason why we never made the same combination twice as we don´t think this will benefit the breed. Twenty puppies with the same set of parents do not create any genetic variation! Besides importing we went to mate our bitches in Finland on numerous occasions and our close cooperation with big Finnish breeders also several times allowed us to borrow a bitch from Finland to use in our breedingprograme, bringing in more new lines.


It is not an exaggeration to say that Lapinlumon put their mark on the lapphund breeding in Denmark for many years. Yearly awards for most winning dogs, most winning breeder etc and no other breeder in Denmark came close to breeding as many champions as us. We sold puppies to breeders all over the world and are proud that many breeders have build their work on our lines. Many lapphunds in Denmark have Lapinlumon dogs behind them and we have strived all years to produce typical, healthy and happy dogs who bring joy to their owners.